Mitchell/Matthews began in 1989 as a two-person studio for architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. Our work consists primarily of master planning, multi-family residential, academic, and commercial projects throughout Virginia and neighboring states.


Our goal is to pursue our passion for architecture and planning, under the guiding principle that we will do absolutely the best job we can on every project. We know that if we can provide thoughtful, intelligent solutions, consistently reliable service, and exceptional design, then we will continue to build a base of discerning clients—and, in turn, a sustainable architectural practice.

This basic principle has been central to Mitchell/Matthews' philosophy since our inception, allowing us to grow in size, and to continue developing the diversity and measure of our skills. The dedication of our principal architects and the attention to detail we provide, regardless of the budget or nature of each project, has appropriately contributed to the growth in quality, complexity, and the size of projects we are asked to design.

The success of our team can be measured by the satisfaction of our clients, the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff, the formal recognition of excellence we have received, and our production of consistently distinguished architecture. We pledge to deliver our best work, to balance what our clients desire with what they can afford, and to maximize the value received for the amount spent.

John Matthews, AIA, President