cobb hall
University of north carolina
chapel hill, nc

  • Completed 2006

The renovation and expansion of Cobb Hall, a student dormitory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was a comprehensive renovation project which ultimately accommodated 400 beds within its 110,000sf.  By reconfiguring and upgrading the character and quality of all common areas, including an outdoor courtyard, M/M was able to provide new program spaces.  A cinema, meeting rooms, laundry facilities and a piano rehearsal room are just a few of the shared student spaces added in the renovation.  Additionally, all mechanical and electrical systems were replaced.  A prominent five-level addition includes elevators, lounges, bathrooms and study spaces.  Since M/M's transformation of the building, Cobb Hall has proven well-liked by students--Rick Bradley of UNC's Housing Department called it "one of the most popular halls to live in after the renovation."